Iron Fist season 2 review


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Crazy Rich Non-Asian Immortal Weapons

by Thom Yee


Iron Fist images courtesy of Marvel Studios, ABC Studios, and Netflix

We’re now more than three years in to Marvel’s Netflix experiment, and in that time it’s become very clear what the Marvel Netflix shows represent, both in the broader scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to us viewers.   For Marvel Studios, these are tales of their Cinematic Universe’s street-level heroes, a part of the MCU but only peripherally so, destined to never directly meet up with or have any impact in the Universe’ big “Battles of New York” or “Sokovia Accords” (to say nothing of their “Infinity Wars”).  For the rest of us, Marvel Netflix is a collection of odd little shows, generally good but rarely great, and, for the most part, not really playing in the same ballpark as any of Netflix’s actually good shows (Stranger Things, American Vandal, Orange is the New Black). Continue reading