IT (2017) review


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When the hell did kid actors get this good?

by Thom Yee


IT images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I was terrified.  And I was terrified most of the time too.  I was terrified of looking stupid, I was terrified of not knowing the answer, I was terrified of letting people down, I was terrified of never having control of the situations I was in, but most of all I was terrified of the future.  I was terrified of growing up.  When I was a kid, growing up seemed less to me about gaining new knowledge and abilities and taking fate into my own hands and more a series of tests, crucibles almost, whether it was finding new friends in transitioning from elementary to junior high/junior high to high school, getting through puberty without any deep scarring, passing my driver’s license exams (with the notable hindrance of being a Chinese driver), or getting into the right university and then picking the right career path.  It felt like my passing or failing of each of those tests would become the building blocks that would make up who I was, cemented and irreversible whether I wanted to be that person or not.  And I just never felt ready for any of it Continue reading


The Defenders (Season 1) review


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Not even one of you is a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist?

by Thom Yee


The Defenders images courtesy of Marvel Television, ABC Studios, and Netflix

Ohai there!

So first of all, I’m not dead.  Also, this site isn’t dead.  But this past August in movies?  So, so dead.  For me, it started with Atomic Blonde, which I decided not to see (I’m not a big John Wick fan anyway).  Then The Dark Tower opened, and I thought I could skip it (like everyone else did).  I was looking forward to The Glass Castle, but who needs to see movies like that when they get reviews like this?  And that’s when I kind of lost it, and what started with not really paying attention soon made its way into a full-on zone out as we didn’t review anything for the whole month of August.  My staff writers kept up with their weekly updates, the loyal little underling/peons/unknowing hostages they are, which meant you had something new to read here every week, but a whole, full-fledged review?  I just couldn’t do it with this year’s late summer movies.  So I didn’t.  But we’re back!  For a few more months at least!  So on to The Defenders.  At least I could watch that from home. Continue reading