Thom Yee


Editor at Large.

Dark, blurry profile photo that I’ll never take a better one of.

Vice President of Media Relations. No, wait… Junior Vice President.

Pilot of the Jaeger Midnight Intercept.

Also, Raconteur… Braggadocio… Inveterate Sycophant… and other things I never bothered to look up the meaning of.

Hi.  My name’s Thom.  That’s why it says “Thom Yee” at the top of this page and on the link that you may have clicked on to arrive at this page — ‘cause my name’s Thom. I spell my name as ‘Thom’, short for Thomas, because that’s how they spell it in the 31st century.  It’s pronounced with a hard ‘T’.

As an average human being (though Chinese), in an average city (though a Canadian one), with an average car (though the highest trim level), an average home (though I’m on the 9th floor) and average tastes (though I’m always right), I write reviews because it’s so much easier to be critical of others’ work rather than offering up my own.  So much easier.  You should read GOO reviews and visit this website often because our reviews are well-thought-out, entertaining, ethereal and implacably excellent.  It’s important you know that so that, if ever you are unsure how to feel about something you read here, you will know that whatever it is you read was well-thought-out, entertaining, ethereal and implacably excellent.

I think one of the finest things there is to do in life is write about yourself.  After all, if writing is fundamentally an expression of self, why not just skip ahead and make yourself the subject?  I was born in and continue to live in Edmonton, Alberta, grew up in a non-violent neighbourhood, went to business school, amassed a small fortune, and then lost it all the old fashioned way (left it on the bus).  I’m now using my very in-demand talents, whatever those are, to work in communications, whatever that is.  As a Chinaman, of course I also grew up mastering the arts of math, science, Gung Fu (or “Chinese boxing”), spiritual balance, photography, fishing in the mists of wind and time, and with the guiding principal that, above all else, It’s not a lie if you believe it.

If you’re wondering a bit about my entertainment credentials, well… I saw Office Space when it first came out in theatres, I watched Arrested Development in its original run, I knew who John Boyega was before he was cast in the new Star Wars movies, and I can correctly pronounce (and spell) “Mia Wasikowska”.  I am the ultimate, emissary of the astonishing, herald of all glories, and when I cry, seven thunders utter their voices.  Y’know, at least when it comes to… like, watching movies and stuff.

If you asked me why I decided to found a review website with my comrade-in-arms, Grace Crawford, I might tell you that it’s a great opportunity to write about things we like.  Or that it’s a great opportunity to write about things we hate.  I might tell you that we started this review website so that you would know how to spend your valuable entertainment dollars.  Or that, because there are two of us, there’s clearly more than one way to see things, and that all opinions are valid.  But if I was being honest, I would probably tell you that we started GOO Reviews because it was the best we could come up with for one of our assignments. Then we kept doing it for some poorly defined reason.

To get an idea of where I’m coming from and where my tastes lie, these are a few of my favourite things.

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Like I said earlier, I think writing about yourself is one of the greatest things you can do.  But what you write about yourself must be something you want to write.  It can be raucously entertaining.  It can be deeply cathartic.  It can be bone-chillingly soul crushing.  But best of all, after you put down the pen, shut down the computer, log out of Twitter, and put your smartphones and tablets in their cradles to charge, after you’ve written about yourself, written your heart out and said all there is to say… nobody can ever really know if what you wrote was true… or just another lie.