Opening this Weekend



Box Office Predictions

  1. Theatres are still closed.
  2. But you can get your hair cut now.
  3. No new movies at the cinemas yet.
  4. But you can buy a book from a book store now.
  5. Let’s be real, though, there’s still no real reason to live.

What You Should See

I told you there’d be a new movie on streaming this week!  Didn’t I tell you?!?!

And that movie is…



If the news that a new animated Scooby Doo movie originally intended for theatres is now available to watch at home isn’t quite enough to get you out of bed, you’re not alone, but luckily there’s also a new Capone movie from former disgraced director Josh Trank that… nobody… seems to like… either.


Okay, here’s why I give it to you straight:  I’m tired of writing these updates when there are no new movies to go and see.  And so I’m retiring this little slice of weekly movie update heaven until there’s actually new movies to write about and the world gets better.  So see you guys in 12-18 months?  Or maybe in a month and a half when Unhinged, starring Russell Crowe, is slated to be the first new post-COVID movie on July 1st.  Y’know, if the world hasn’t ended by then.