Opening this Weekend



Box Office Predictions

  1. Going back to work, eh…?
  2. Reopening your businesses, eh…?
  3. You know viruses spread through people, right?
  4. You know there’s still no cure, right?
  5. Ah, I’m sure everything will be fine. I mean, everything is always fine.

What You Should See

Hey, remember Italy?  Is that still a thing?  Are people there still dying due to COVID-19?  Was I just imagining all that?

Anyway, this past week and into next has/will mark the soft reopening of many businesses in America.  America.  Y’know, that little country all tucked away down there?  The one with the most cases of COVID-19 anywhere in the world?  And don’t guys, we here in Alberta will soon get there too.

And look, I get it, life can have very little meaning or value without funding, but let’s just make sure we’re all careful.  Let’s just make sure we’re all focusing on helping people who really need it, and let’s not forget to this for each other rather than for the dangerous, selfish, and worryingly eratic a**holes like Elon Musk when they open their mouths/Twitter accounts on the subject.  They’re not the ones putting themselves or their lives on the line when they deliberately misappropriate information, they don’t care about you, they just want you to go back to working in their factories and warehouses.  In fact they probably hate you without even knowing you.  And they don’t need the money, they just like the power.

And as for new movies this weekend?  I’m not, uh… seeing a whole lot.  True North:  Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball looks not bad, and you can stream it free here.  But that, uh… that’s about it.  So I guess I’ll just leave you with this: