Grace’s Favourites

Top Ten Absolute Favourite Things Ever

This section would be much easier for me if I had arranged things by book, film, and TV show, but Thom did that already, and his page is an absolute nightmare and I like you too much to put you through that, especially since I’ve probably forgotten a lot of things I really like. So let’s just say that these are in no particular order, except for Tangled, which is my favourite thing ever.

10. Moulin Rouge!

So I was in my high school production of Les Miserables, and the assistant director made me watch this because she said that I wasn’t slutty enough (I was cast as a prostitute). I forgot to be offended at her because I loved this movie so much. It has elephants, Bohemians, India and courtesans, acrobats and dancing bears, exotic girls, fire eaters, muscle men, contortionists, intrigue, danger, and romance, electric lights, machinery: oh, the electricity!… because it’s a Spectacular Spectacular, you see. Ahem.

9. Battlestar Galactica

So remember what I said about Deathly Hallows killing everyone I ever cared about?… I know they had no idea where they were going, and I know there are all sorts of threads they never tied off, and I know some people become absolutely enraged about this series, but I loved every minute I spent watching it (even if I felt utterly betrayed by the Final Five, but that’s beside the point).

8. The Princess Bride

I may or may not have this movie memorized from start to finish. I may or may not  be able to quote it using different voices. I may or may not have done this on more than one occasion.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Far better than the film, though that was a fitting end to the franchise. The book was well-written, wrapped up the loose threads of seven-book-old storylines, redeemed characters thought to be irretrievable, and KILLED EVERYONE I EVER CARED ABOUT. Moving on.

6. Firefly

If you read the article that Thom and I wrote about it, you already know how I feel about this particular show. So I really can’t say anything original about it, since I’ve already said it all, so I’m just gonna settle for, “I was at a convention and I got my picture taken with Jewel Staite, so suck it.”

5. Phantom of the Opera (film)

This is just an incredible film. It’s an absolute masterpiece, technically and creatively. It was perfectly cast, even if I previously had no idea Gerard Butler could sing. The costumes, the sets (the sets, you guys), just… just everything. Sitting down to watch this movie is a sensory overload. It’s glorious, magnificent, opulent, and that’s far too many adjectives, so just watch the damn thing so I can say, “Right? Right?

4. How To Train Your Dragon


3. Doctor Who

A madman in a blue box gallivants around the universe. He is the last of his kind. He is ancient. He is forgotten by history, though he’s been there for every moment of it, even the parts that haven’t happened yet. He is accompanied by an ever-changing list of companions, people who leave, are lost, or die in the pursuit of a greater adventure. He is British. He is amazing. He is the Doctor. And I was super pleased to be able to review this for you herehere, and here.

2. Beauty and the Beast

This is my childhood favorite, and before I saw Phantom, it was my all-time. It differs significantly from the original fairy tale, but the musical numbers are catchy, the animation is gorgeous, it’s the first animated film to incorporate CGI, and it was the first time I actually liked a Disney princess (and if you make a Leia joke I swear I will cut you). It was a real, honest-to-goodness love story, not just two people meeting and deciding to be together. It’s like Pride and Prejudice, only for kids and adorable.

1. Tangled

I can’t believe I have to say anything about this at all. So many quotable and memorable moments, most of them including Flynn Rider in some capacity, because I am hopelessly, desperately in love with him. Basically, everyone is a badass in this movie and there is nothing else to say.

Honourable Mention