Opening this Weekend



Box Office Predictions

  1. Is that guy walking this way?!
  2. Is that guy walking towards me?
  3. Is he actually coming closer?
  4. Stop! Stop walking!

What You Should See

Look:  We all know what social distancing is now.  Don’t act like it’s some weird or foreign or new concept.  Six feet away.  Minimum.

In fact, why did you EVER need to be closer than that?
Why did we ever NOT give people their space?
Why was it EVER okay not to worry if other people had enough room to get by?  What’s WRONG with this world?

I feel like I’m gonna EXPLODE here!

… Gosh, I’m… I’m sorry about that.  Anyway:

I think the most interesting thing about this week’s new-at-home movies is that My Spy, the Dave Bautista spy/kids movie comedy is technically making its American debut through on-demand debut, having never had the chance to open theatrically, but here in Canada, unlike the US, it actually opened just a few weeks before COVID-19 shut everything down.  So even though it’ll be brand new to American audiences, we were actually able to see it here in Edmonton just before all the theatres shut down.  Isn’t that weird?  I mean, it’s so rare that we ever get to see something like a real, Hollywood-level production here in Canada before our American counterparts, and now a movie that Americans never got to see in a theatre is one that we could have easily seen weeks ago.

That said, you shouldn’t watch My Spy.  I don’t think anyone here’s trying to say that.

Now, for what I actually would recommend, Westworld has, by and large, been really solid in its current third season.  Quite good, unexpectedly germane to our current trapped-in-our-homes situation, and fairly thought provoking while mostly avoiding drawing attention to the holes in its broader, overarching narrative.  So, y’know, not Westworld season one good, but a vast improvement over season two.  I’m also binging Devs, and I think this is finally the week I find time to watch the 2020, Elisabeth Moss Invisible Man.