Here at GOO Reviews, we believe that every opinion is important.  After all, that’s what GOO stands for — Giving One’s Opinion.  It also stands for ‘goo’.  Because goo is funny, in all of its forms.

Founded in the fall of 2012, GOO Reviews has become the pre-eminent Edmonton-based movie and entertainment blog if only because… we’re not aware of any other ones.  We didn’t look very hard, though.  It is our hope that you’ll read our reviews and really take them in for what they are: profoundly meaningful and expertly written.

Here you’ll find reviews of sometimes timely, sometimes classic, but always relevant titles that are important to us, and, by extension, to you.  From Batman to Bond, from musicals to comedies and titles from way, way back, you’ll find reviews of movies, books and television shows that you love to hate and hate to love.  Also, maybe you’re indifferent.  After all, feigning indifference is always a safest option, you non-participant.

Take a look around, find something you like or something you don’t like.  And when you’ve seen, read, heard, or otherwise absorbed the title reviewed, feel free to add your own opinions in the comments section.  So when you’re looking for something to do on those long, cold, lonely, soul-devouring weekends, you’ll know what to see (or not see), read (or not read), and hear (or not hear).

We Vow To Write Reviews…

  1. In a considered, open-minded manner rather than an authoritative, oppressive one.
  2. That tell an interesting story even if you’re not that interested in the subject.
  3. That tell a story in and of themselves.
  4. That consider the potential audiences even outside of our own personal tastes.
  5. That never spoil important plot or story elements without at least providing forewarning.

We also vow to someday come up with more vows so this list doesn’t look so short.  This whole thing really is important to us, we just couldn’t think of anything else that was worth making a whole vow about.