Star Wars: The Last Jedi review


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What if we AREN’T here for a reason?

by Thom Yee


Star Wars: The Last Jedi images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“BOBA Fett?”  “Boba FETT??”  “…What!?!”

I’m pretty sure that’s how it went the first time I’d ever heard the name Boba Fett coming from the mouth of a Star Wars fan.  What the hell is a “Boba Fett”? I thought to myself [probably].  I’d soon learn that he was a warrior, a bounty hunter, and, apparently, a real badass in the Star Wars canon.  He was a fan favourite and certainly seemed interesting, and he even had an unusual out-of-story origin as a character fans first met as a mail-away action figure and in the Star Wars Holiday Special, years before he would make any major impact on the movies themselves.  And then I found out he was just this guy.  And I wondered to myself, “Why the hell would anyone care about that guy?” Continue reading


GOO Reviews’ 2017 Year in Review


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2017 was not a good year.  For the world.  And you know why.

It was an okay year for movies

The year 2017 brought us five new and very different superhero movies (seven if you count LEGO Batman and Power Rangers), a new mainline Star Wars movie that’s good partially because it’s divisive, some really great, deeply emotional indie movies, and… well, that’s the kind of stuff we get every year actually.  For all of us sweaty nerds, we are truly living in a wonderland of delights, with movies about ideas and concepts we never thought we’d see on screen.  And for you those of you out there bemoaning the current state of the movie industry, you’re not wrong, at least not totally, but you are being willfully blind and dismissive.  There are still plenty of great, introspective, emotionally resonant movies out there, and, believe it or not, some of those movies are about superheroes. Continue reading