September 20th Weekend Predictions & Predilections

Opening this Weekend

Downton Abbey

Rambo:  Last Blood

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The Boys season 1 review


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“Diabolical.”  What a super, super word.

by Thom Yee


The Boys images courtesy of Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios

In a lot of ways, the history of our work here at GOO Reviews can be directly mapped against the emergence (and eventual domination) of superhero movies over the last decade.  The very first movie review ever written for this site and the very first review ever published on this site was an Avengers review.  We’ve reviewed every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and every other major superhero movie released since then, and sometimes it seems like the only thing that keeps us going is superhero movie reviews.  We’ve watched and reviewed superhero movies good and bad, waxed lyrical and philosophical over their beauty and place in society, and pontificated on the powerful message and principles they have for us in the world we live in today.

All of which is to say that… we’ve probably wasted a lot of time.

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