All of Christopher Nolan’s movies, ranked by GOO Reviews



bwong.jpgLook man.  Summer is over.  The kids are going back to packed, non-socially distanced classrooms.  And finally, finally… it looks like the movies are coming back.  Hell, I might even start writing about them again.

While it would be wrong to label Tenet any sort of triumph over the evils we face in this virus-ravaged, mask/science-denying, systemically racist world we’ve found ourselves undeniably trapped in, it is the first major new movie we’ve seen almost six months.  The latest work of Christopher Nolan, one of the few directors left whose name alone is a box office draw, the theatrical release of Tenet may one day come to be seen as a turning point in how we live in our new, quarantined status quo.  It may come to represent something more than just a movie .  It could become something else entirely.  There is a moment— Continue reading