Captain Marvel review


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Back in my day, Captain Marvel was just a big red cheese, and I don’t remember no one complainin’!

by Thom Yee


Captain Marvel images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

It might not seem like it from the outside, but Captain Marvel is just about the weirdest damn superhero to talk about.  At least for me she is.  See, I’m a lifelong comicbook nerd, even to this day, but I’m also a ‘90s kid, and if you were a ‘90s comicbook nerd kid like I was, then Captain Marvel, at least the Marvel Comics version, is basically a character who didn’t exist.  See, in the ‘90s, Captain Marvel was one of only two things:  1) The DC Comics teen superhero who yelled SHAZAM! and got powers just like Superman’s; or 2) The Marvel Comics superhero with cosmic powers who had been dead for a long, long, long time.  Like early ‘80s long ago.  And in either case, neither was a very big deal.  And in both cases they were men. Continue reading


Aquaman review


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Imperius rex?

by Thom Yee


Aquaman images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Ask any of us comicbook fans, any of us REAL comicbook fans, whether or not we’re happy that there are so many superhero movies right now and most of us will tell you that of course it’s something that makes us happy.  It’s great.  It’s great that the things we like are now so popular.  Ask any of us fans if we’re surprised that they’re so popular, though, and most of us will probably say that yes, we’re also very surprised.  And it’s not that we’re surprised to see normal, everyday people getting into the same kinds of stories we’ve been reading about for most of our lives, it’s just kind of shocking to us that we could ever get here.  The superhero movie age we live in right now is truly astonishing, a promised land of sorts, and the type of thing we comicbook people had imagined might happen in some other reality but thought could never happen in this one.

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Animal Behaviour animated short

Hey everybody!  Do you like movies?  Do you like the Oscars?

Animal Behaviour is one of five nominees for this year’s Oscars in the category of Animated Short Film.  Produced and distributed by the National Film Board of Canada and brought to us by directors Alison Snowden and David Fine, who previously won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short for 1995’s Bob’s Birthday, Animal Behaviour tells the story of five animals who meet regularly to discuss their inner angst in a group therapy session led by Dr. Clement, a canine psychotherapist.

And where can you see such a fine piece before this year’s Oscars?  Why, right here on this very blog!  Until February 24th (Oscar night!), the NFB has made Animal Behaviour available for your streaming convenience!  Just follow the link below.

So sit down, settle in, maybe grab a drink, and join us here at GOO Reviews as we take in this Oscar-nominated movie… together!