Dunkirk review



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by Thom Yee


Dunkirk images courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

I’m not sure war is something I feel comfortable talking about, not even here, in written form, through the lens of reviewing a movie about war.  Not completely comfortable with anyways.  We haven’t reviewed many war movies in the 5 years we’ve been doing GOO Reviews, and up until now I’m not even sure I’ve ever really watched a war movie all the way through.  At least not ones that didn’t also have the words ‘Star’, ‘Inglourious’, or ‘The First Avenger’ in their titles.  I have a feeling those ones don’t really count.

As a millennial, war isn’t one of those things I’ve ever had to seriously consider as a component of life, not in the enlistment or conscription sense at any rate, and my most vivid memories of the topic of war are reviewing the numbers of dead due to wars in textbooks for the purposes of passing tests.  Continue reading

Spider-Man: Homecoming review


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Tom Holland > Andrew Garfield > Tobey Maguire

by Thom Yee


Spider-Man: Homecoming images courtesy of Sony Pictures

How do you feel about Spider-Man?  And I don’t mean “Spider-Man”, the series of movies that’s already gone through three reboots in less than 15 years because Sony, who bought the movie rights to the character from Marvel in 1999, has to rush a Spider-Man movie into production every few years or else the movie rights revert back to Marvel Studios, I mean the character — Spider-Man.  If you listened to J. Jonah Jameson, publisher/editor of New York’s most infamous newspaper, The Daily Bugle, you might think he’s a public menace.  If you were familiar with the comicbook lore, you’d most likely find him to be a misunderstood but friendly, neighbourhood hero, driven by guilt over the death of his uncle to responsibly use his powers for good.  But whenever I hear anyone talk about Spider-Man in real life?  They usually say they don’t like him.  I’ve never really liked him that much either.  And I think it’s all Tobey Maguire’s fault. Continue reading