Opening this Weekend

There are no new movies

Only Zuul

Box Office Predictions

  1. I hate this room!
  2. I hate this apartment!!
  3. I can’t stand it anymore!!!
  4. I need to go out!!!!
  5. Ah, I’ll just go back to bed.

What You Should See

New to streaming/Video-on-Demand this week are Bad Boys for Life, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Current War, and Impractical Jokers:  The Movie, and somewhere in between this week and last The Call of the Wild, Downhill, and Dolittle snuck in there too, and I don’t want to sound like I’m pinning all of my current hopes and dreams on the early release of new movies to home streaming platforms due to the global pandemic severely interrupting Hollywood’s planned release schedule, but based on that list alone I kind of feel like there’s no reason to live anymore*.

I guess there’s still takeout food though.  Food’s still a poor medium for transmitting the virus, right?


*Disclaimer:  If you’re having suicidal thoughts, seek help, and know that I love you.