Opening this Weekend


Box Office Predictions

  1. Shouldn’t all theatres be closed?
  2. All theatres are closed right?
  3. I mean, what kind of theatre isn’t closed right now?
  4. This isn’t Spring Break Florida and we’re not all a bunch of stupid, selfish a**holes, right?
  5. Good, all the theatres (at least in Edmonton) are closed.

What You Should See

Man, I was really looking forward to A Quiet Place Part II.

So first of all, don’t go outside.  Not to movie theatres, not to places where other people are or could be, not anywhere!

Now, if you’re stuck at home like you should be and you still want to watch something, there’s not a whole lot new this week, but you should be able to rent (for a high price) The Invisible Man (2019), The Hunt, and Emma. by the time of this writing from your normal online services, and I don’t hate the idea of seeing any or all of those even if none of them should be a priorityIn addition, Disney released Star Wars:  The Rise of Skywalker and Frozen II early to Disney+.  I’m not necessarily recommending either of those two, but I suppose that’s something.  Other recent new streaming releases of interest include Jumanji:  The Next Level, Cats, 1917, and Ford v Ferrari.  Other recent new streaming releases I would highly encourage you to see are Jojo Rabbit, Parasite, Little Women (2019), and Knives Out.

Now as we near the end of the first week of our new reality, I wanted to leave you with something positive in the face of how bad 2020 has turned out to be so far, how much this will likely be a very down year in the fullness of history (least let’s hope this year is as bad as things get for a while), and how much 2020 will probably have to be a year we skip over, excuse, and give a pass to in terms of what we hoped to do and what we actually got done by ourselves and as a society.  Consider the following:

  1. Yes, the economy is bad, investments are bad, business is bad everywhere that’s not toilet paper and bottled water, and there’s not a lot of warmth or brightness to be felt, but in some ways this may be the kind of sobering break we’ve needed as a people, to step back, slow down, and re-evaluate. This could be our best chance to really think about what our world has been and what kind of world we’d like to step forward into as we face down this crisis and attempt to light one of our darkest hours.  Now more than ever this is a time for compassion and integrity and caring, a time to carry each other and to catch each other if we fall.
  2. Can you imagine how much worse the wait for Avengers: Endgame if this all happened last year?  Considering all the movies that have been necessarily pushed back so far in 2020, if there had to be a pandemic year I’m glad it’s this one, after Avengers:  Endgame’s release, rather than last year just before it came out.