Opening this Weekend


Pet Sematary

The Aftermath

The Mustang

Ash is Purest White

Box Office Predictions

  1. SHAZAM!
  2. Pet Sematary
  3. Us
  4. Dumbo
  5. Captain Marvel

What You Should See

Sometimes [insert joke here] is better.

This week’s two big new releases are in a way both remakes, SHAZAM! in the sense that you might recall the old ‘70s TV show about the big red cheese of a Superman-esque superhero, and Pet Sematary in another more accurate way as I think most people remember that there was a Pet Sematary movie in the ‘80s.  In either case, these latest iterations both come highly recommended from me, though the former more than the latter for reasons of heroic joy over terrifying sorrow.

Independent movies opening this week include the post-WWII-era British/German romantic drama Aftermath, which looks precisely like the type of movie I would never recommend, the American prison drama Mustang, which looks pretty good, and the Chinese prison drama Ash is Purest White, which is actually a movie you should probably see at least sometime this year.  And I don’t know what it says about we as a society that it feels only proper to specify that Ash is Chinese because it’s a Chinese-language film starring Chinese people, set in China, but if you’re wondering why I also specified the countries involved in the other movies in this paragraph, it’s because I’m woke.