Opening this Weekend


Missing Link




Everybody Knows

Ramen Shop

Painkiller:  Inside the Opioid Crisis

What is Democracy?

Box Office Predictions

  1. SHAZAM!
  2. Hellboy
  3. Little
  4. Missing Link
  5. Pet Sematary

What You Should See

I like David Harbour.  Like a lot.  Like he’s-probably-one-of-my-top-10-favourite-actors-around a lot.  He’s always good in his roles, his most notable roles are always interesting, and he gives one of the most genuinely charming and humble interviews I’ve ever seen.  So it pains me to say that it would be very ingenuine of me to suggest that you should ever see the new Hellboy, with Harbour as the titular hero.  On the other hand, I doubt many of you knew that there was a new Hellboy coming up at all, let alone that it was opening this weekend, so it’s pretty much a “whatevs” of a moot point anyway.

And, unfortunately, things don’t look much better for the rest of the week’s big new releases, with the animated family comedy Missing Link looking like the likely strongest entry, the comedy Little, basically the opposite of the ‘80s Tom Hanks comedy Big, looking far from required viewing, and teen romance drama After looking like… well, a teen romance drama. Stockholm, about the 1973 bank heist that led to the use of the term Stockholm syndrome (also known as Helsinki syndrome [as in Helsinki, Sweden], looks not bad though, despite starring Ethan Hawke, an actor who’s earned our eternal ire (he knows what he did!), and the Spanish abduction drama Everybody Knows, starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, is also in picture.

Things pick up quite a bit though on the smaller side of the silver screen as all of Ramen Shop, Painkiller:  Inside the Opioid Crisis, and What is Democracy? showing at Metro Cinema, all probably worth your time.

But wait a minute!  Stop everything!  Hold the door!  This is what you really should be doing with your weekend: