Opening this Weekend


The Beach Bum

Hotel Mumbai

Woman at War

Lost & Found

All the Wild Horses


The Artist & the Pervert

Best of the New York International Children’s Film Festival

Box Office Predictions

  1. Us
  2. Dumbo
  3. Captain Marvel
  4. Five Feet Apart
  5. Wonder Park

What You Should See

It’s really the calm before the storm right now in new-release-movie land, a metaphor I was tempted to use mostly because Shazam! opens next weekend (because of the whole lightning thing), and then Avengers:  Endgame only three weeks later and then it’s summer movie season, so while I’ve the energy to speak of the new movies opening this week, I just don’t care enough about any of them to pay them much mind.

To start, I can’t imagine going to see Dumbo, partially because of Tim Burton’s post-Ed-Wood record, but mostly because I’m not at all down with these live-action Disney movies.  From there, really all I have energy for this weekend is to tell you which new releases fall into worthwhile and not.


Not Worthwhile:

 So if you must go out this weekend, I’d probably go see Us if you haven’t already.  That is all.