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Opening this Weekend

Sicario:  Day of the Soldado

Uncle Drew


American Animals


Box Office Predictions

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  2. Incredibles 2
  3. Uncle Drew
  4. Sicario: Day of the Soldado
  5. Ocean’s 8

What You Should See

Compared to the last few weeks of $100-million-plus-openings movie openings, this weekend’s new releases are a much lower key affair.  I mean, in Sicario:  Day of the Soldado we’ve got the sequel to a movie many of you have never heard of and would never have associated with sequels if you had heard of it, a sports comedy with no major comedy stars in Uncle Drew, and Upgrade is a very cool-looking sci-fi movie but it’s a pretty unknown property.  And those are the big movie openings.  There’s also American Animals, a very crazy-looking, very indie “heist” movie, and Beast, an intriguing-looking, almost-horror, almost-thriller fairytale, both showing at Princess Theatre, and while you might recognize some of the people in those movies if you’re a movie person, I doubt you could name any of them.

No, in terms of broad appeals and sheer magnetism, there’s not much reason to go to the theatres for a brand new movie this weekend.  Except I would see all of them.  Every one of the new movies this weekend looks good.  Some of them very good.  Even Uncle Drew, which shouldn’t be good, is something I plan to see eventually this year.

Oh, and there’s also a sneak preview screening of Hotel Transylvania 3:  Summer Vacation this Saturday at Scotiabank Theatre and South Edmonton Common before it opens wide on July 13th.  That one really doesn’t fit the narrative of good movies this weekend, but I’d feel bad for intentionally leaving that out.  That would be dishonest.  That would be a disservice.  That would be intentionally misleading.  But that one, Hotel Transylvania 3… I’m sure it’s not going to be any good.  Just to be clear.  Think of this last paragraph here as a completely separate (but still informative) part of this weekend’s movie previews.