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Opening this Weekend

Jurassic World:  Fallen Kingdom


Borg vs. McEnroe

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


Box Office Predictions

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  2. Incredibles 2
  3. Ocean’s 8
  4. Tag
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story

What You Should See

Good news, everyone!  Gotti, the controversial, John-Travolta-led crime drama made infamous both for achieving a 0% Rotten Tomatoes critic score and appearing to have a manipulated audience score, still can’t be seen here in Canada!  Inexplicably, though, Overboard, the terrible movie remake from May 4th that we seemed to have missed, is opening this weekend.  And Jurassic World:  Fallen Kingdom, the weekend’s big new release isn’t looking too promising either (though I’m sure it will do more than enough business).  So let us speak no more of any of them.

Instead, what I’d like to do is draw your attention to the smaller movies opening this weekend:  Won’t You Be My Neighbor examines the life and legacy of Mister Rogers, and as cliché as it sounds, it does look like exactly the movie we need right now.  Meanwhile, the National Film Board’s Metamorphosis takes a poetic look at the state of our environment in the middle of crises and how climate change has affected us.  And what’s this?  We have a review for it already?!  That’s right, here’s our Metamorphosis review.  And if the environment is something that piques your interest (and it should, it’s what we’re all living in), you may also want to check out the Metamorphosis Journey Workshop at Metro Cinema, lead by Metamorphosis directors Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper.

Oh, and also there’s Borg vs. McEnroe.  That, uh… that doesn’t look bad.  Certainly looks a lot better than Jurassic World.