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Opening this Weekend

Avengers:  Infinity War

Lean on Pete



Bilal:  A New Breed of Hero

The Slackers

The Green Fog

Tehran Taboo

Pup Star:  World Tour

Box Office Predictions

  1. Avengers: Infinity War
  2. A Quiet Place
  3. Rampage
  4. I Feel Pretty
  5. Super Troopers 2

What You Should See

Look, I’m just going to level with you:  I’m dead tired and I just finished a major exam, so I don’t have any great story or narrative for you with this weekend’s new movies.  Obviously go see Avengers:  Infinity War.  Frankly, if you don’t want to see Avengers:  Infinity War, you must be some kind of instigator.

Lean on Pete, Foxtrot, The Green Fog, and Tehran Taboo all look pretty good too.  I would see The Green Fog out of those.  And here’s the reviews for Bilal:  A New Breed of Hero.

Interested in Birches, The Slackers, or Pup Star:  World Tour?  Well too bad, there are no reviews for those movies and none of them look very good.

That is all.