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Opening this Weekend

I Feel Pretty

Super Troopers 2

You Were Never Really Here

24 Frames

Box Office Predictions

  1. A Quiet Place
  2. Rampage
  3. I Feel Pretty
  4. Truth or Dare
  5. Ready Player One

What You Should See

I feel like Super Troopers is one of those things I was supposed to be into in its heyday (if it ever had one).  It’s the kind of thing that was popular enough to recognize but still cult enough that most people wouldn’t know it just by name.  But every time I see anything about Super Troopers, including the trailer for the soon-to-open Super Troopers 2, I just can’t help but feel a great deal of don’t care.  That whole thing, that broad and not very well thought through comedy, it’s not my humour.  Also, this movie doesn’t look very good.

A movie I’d like to stand behind a little more is I Feel Pretty, both because I’m still a fan of Amy Schumer (I never did see Snatched though, it looked terrible) and because it’s pretty obvious there’s an essentially positive message at the centre of the movie even if our outrage culture would have you think otherwise.  But it doesn’t look very good either, and I’m not going to watch a movie with positive messaging if it’s not good.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, 24 Frames, playing at Metro Cinema, might be worth your time, at least if you’re the type of person with the patience to sit through that trailer (I wasn’t), and the brutal-looking You Were Never Really Here is the one new movie I would probably actually go and see.  Of course, all of this seems kind of silly in the grander scope of things, by which I mostly mean one week from now when Avengers:  Infinity War opens.  So if you haven’t yet started your Marvel Cinematic Universe movie binge to catch up on the happenings of the MCU over its last ten years of movies, you now have seven days.  That’s only, like, three Marvel movies a day.  But I know you can do it.