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Opening this Weekend


 Bad Samaritan

Eye on Juliet

Selfie from Hell

Ice Blue

Box Office Predictions

  1. Avengers: Infinity War
  2. A Quiet Place
  3. Overboard (not showing in Edmonton)
  4. Tully
  5. I Feel Pretty

What You Should See

Tully.  That or Avengers:  Infinity War again.  It’s worth another viewing (our review will be up tomorrow).

I think it would be genuinely difficult to gather together the motivation to see any of the weekend’s other new releases, Bad Samaritan (even though I like its star Robert Sheehan and think he’s overdue for a star turn), Eye on Juliet,  Selfie from Hell, or Ice Blue.  If you’re up for something a little different though, this weekend marks the beginning of the 2018 edition of NorthWestFest, Canada’s premiere non-fiction, music, and documentary film festival, playing at Metro Cinema May 3-13.  Here’s the schedule of events.