Opening this Weekend

Sky on Fire

Little Sister

The Eagle Huntress

The Greasy Strangler

This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. Moana
  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  3. Allied
  4. Doctor Strange
  5. Arrival

What You Should See

What’s the sound of one hand clapping? Maybe if Bart Simpson hadn’t already given us the answer to that question, you might think it’d sound a little like this weekend’s new movies. With no major releases debuting this weekend, in all honesty I’d probably have to recommend going to see Moana either again or for the first time. Apparently the perfect Disney movie despite our indifference towards it last week.

If you are dead set on seeing something new, however, there’s Little Sister, The Eagle Huntress, and The Greasy Strangler playing at Metro Cinema, and I would probably see them in that order, and… honestly maybe never in the case of The Greasy Strangler because… well, look at that trailer. I think you’re going to need a very strong stomach to sit through that movie. But hey, I don’t like being grossed out, that’s just me. That doesn’t have to be you. It’s the differences between us that make life interesting. You weirdo. Strangely, once-acclaimed Hong Kong director Ringo Lam’s latest film, Sky on Fire, also starts playing at South Edmonton Common this weekend, and as much as I’d love to recommend it (I was temporarily obsessed with ‘90s HK movies too), South China Morning Post’s Edmund Lee used words like “baffling” and “makes no sense” to describe it, and frankly we have enough other movies to catch up on before we publish our year-end review.

One movie we are more excited about here at GOO Reviews though is Theater of Life, a documentary about the intersection between food waste and feeding the hungry as seen through the eyes of Massimo Bottura, an award-winning chef who gathered 60 fellow chefs from around the world to turn food that would have been thrown out into gourmet meals for the homeless in Italy. I mean, I used to work at a grocery store, and even that small (and thankfully brief) exposure to the consumer world of food quickly made me realize how much goes to absolute waste for no other reason than nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it. It starts playing on Friday, December 23rd and will run through to the 28th at Metro Cinema.

Theater of Life (Trailer) from NFB/marketing on Vimeo.