Opening this Weekend

The Rhythm Section



They Are We

Box Office Predictions

  1. Bad Boys for Life
  2. 1917
  3. Greta & Hansel [no showing in Edmonton]
  4. The Gentlemen
  5. Dolittle

What You Should See

It’s Super Bowl Sundaaaay!

You can feel it in the air like lightning on the edge of the night
You can feel it everywhere, but it’s party time in Miami tonight!

Sunday afternoon’s a great day for football!

Catching as tight ends, ready to do it
Sunday afternoon’s a great day for football!

Sit back and relax and let’s get down to it
It’s gonna be a helluva fight
We got a great day of football this Sunday!

In this primetime jungle
Every primal is a rumble
Every seat’s the fifty-yard line
Guaranteed to have a good time, wowowowooo!

Sunday afternoon’s a great day for football!
The Cats and the Stallions are ready to do it!
Sunday afternoon’s a great day for football!

Let’s kick this thing off here!


You know what I’m talking about!

Also, there’s some new movies.  There’s the quasi-action thriller The Rhythm Section with Blake Lively.  There’s the sci-fi/horror Rabid with Laura Vandervoort.  And you should not see either.

The dramatic, Dublin-set Rosie, only at the Princess, looks decent, however, and the documentary They Are We, on the reunion of a family separated by 170 years by the transatlantic slave trade, Friday only at Metro Cinema, might also be worth your time.

But… y’know…

Super Bowl.


Also, the downtown Landmark will be showing all of the 2020 Oscar-nominated short films in the Live Action, Animation, and Documentary categories next Wednesday and Friday, so if you’re a real Academy Awards head, that might be something to do before the Awards themselves next Sunday.  That and read our 2019 Year-End to see what we thought of all of last year’s movies, finally coming your way this weekend, we swear!