Opening this Weekend

The Gentlemen

The Turning

The Last Full Measure

Weathering with You

Color Out of Space

The Rescue

The Twentieth Century

63 Up

Making Waves:  The Art of Cinematic Sound

Vaxxed II:  The People’s Truth

Box Office Predictions

  1. Bad Boys for Life
  2. 1917
  3. The Gentlemen
  4. Dolittle
  5. The Turning

What You Should See

Even though there’s actually a few new movies to be more than just a little excited about this weekend, I can’t help but feel a huge sense of “F*ck you! It’s January!” from the weekend overall.

First of all, don’t see the horror movie The Turning, and if you must see something horrific, make it Color Out of Space (only at Metro Cinema),  another in the line of crazy-looking Nicolas-Cage-confronts crazy evil movies following 2018’s Mandy.  Also, while I’m not recommending against Vietnam war movie The Last Full Measure (only at Scotiabank Theatre) or the Chinese-language The Rescue (only at the downtown Landmark) I’m certainly not going to recommend either.  I am, however, going to recommend against Vaxxed II:  The People’s Truth, not because I’m pro-vaccine but because I hate anti-vaxxers for their inability to articulate their strongest argument:  That nobody should take vaccines because the human race doesn’t deserve to continue.

There, I said it.

And y’know what?  I’m noteven  going to bother to tell you where that one’s playing.

All of that negativity aside, the rest of this week’s movies actually look good to incredibly good, including Guy-Ritchie-gangster-movie The Gentlemen and the anime Weathering with You (only at South Edmonton Common).  In more limited showings at Metro Cinema are Canadian comedy The Twentieth Century and documentaries 63 Up and Making Waves:  The Art of Cinematic Sound, and all three look very strong.  But as much as I’d like to recommend all those movies, I just know that I’m not going out this weekend, even with the nicer weather.  Though I would never tell any of you to be like me.

Oh, and if anyone out there still cares, we’ll have our Year-End review up next weekend, we swear.  We’ve fit in as many Oscar movies as we could this year so you can compare our list to the Oscars on February 9th.  That and… we’re just so, so lazy.