Opening this Weekend


Just Mercy


Like a Boss

Uncut Gems

The Song of Names

Box Office Predictions

  1. 1917
  2. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  3. Jumanji: The Next Level
  4. Just Mercy
  5. Little Women

What You Should See

Oh January 10, 2020.  Where were you on January 3, 2020?  With all your new movies instead of just that awful Grudge reboot?  Ah well.

This new weekend at the movies marks the wide theatrical debut of 1917, that movie you may be hearing about for its 2019 awards won (Golden Globe, AFI and National Review Board Top 10s) and likely to win (BAFTA and Academy Awards?) despite the fact that none of us could actually see it in 2019.  It looks like technically a winner, but I don’t know… do any of us have an appetite for war movies anymore after that Skywalker debacle?  Also opening this weekend are  Just Mercy and Uncut Gems, two movies that also bear potential awards pedigree of their own, and technically came out in 2019 but are new to Edmonton.  If I had to pick one to go see, I would go with Just Mercy in terms of likely overall worth to society, but the others all look strong and 1917 is the only one of the three that probably should be seen in a theatre.

In striking contrast, the remainder of this weekend’s new movies — Underwater, Like a Boss, and The Song of Names — bear almost no potential worth to society, the first a poor man’s under-the-sea Aliens ripoff, the second a truly terrible-looking comedy (and not just because women are the stars), and the last a WWII-era drama of the type I would not like to find out more about.  And so we will speak of them no more.

One other thing that may catch your attention this weekend are the Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour and later in the week, Wednesday and Thursday only it appears, is the anime Weathering With You, which looks all kinds of great, so of course it’s only showing in such limited release.

Oh, and that year-end review we’ve been promising you?  It’ll have to wait one more week ;(.  We’re really going to try to fit in some viewings of 1917 and Uncut Gems before we give our final verdict/some of us were too lazy to finish it this week.