Opening this Weekend

Ford v Ferrari

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

The Good Liar

Pain and Glory

The Twilight Zone:  A 60th Anniversary Celebration

Fantastic Fungi

Assholes:  A Theory

The Cave

Box Office Predictions

  1. Ford v Ferrari
  2. Charlie’s Angels (2019)
  3. Midway
  4. Doctor Sleep
  5. Last Christmas

What You Should See

I think there’s a world where a new Charlie’s Angels movie could be a welcome thing.  Somewhere.  Someplace.  But I don’t think it’s this world.  Not really.  Not in our hearts.  Not in our cores.  Not in a way that anyone will remember a week from now.  That is, if anyone in this world that even knows that there is a new Charlie’s Angels movie at all.  And I’m certainly not going to recommend it.

But Ford v Ferrari, this weekend’s other big new movie?  Yeah, that one I can get behind.  It looks interesting, has pretty good reviews, and proven talent behind it with Matt Damon, Christian Bale, and director James Mangold, though I’ll damit it has a bit of an older man/“okay boomer” appeal to it that will most likely  keep it from being a movie that will really get you going.  Ironically, The Good Liar, which marks Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen first time together onscreen, might not suffer from the same ageist dilemma even though it stars two near-octogenarians.  Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend it based on the reviews.

The Spanish-language Pain and Glory, starring Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, on the other hand, looks like a real winner, though I doubt it will receive the same kind of attention that other foreign films like the Korean Parasite will get during awards season.  It’s playing only at the Princess this week.  And for all you Twilight Zone fans, The Twilight Zone:  A 60th Anniversary Celebration is playing Saturday morning only at South Edmonton Common.

Finally, documentaries Fantastic Fungi, Assholes:  A Theory, and The Cave are all playing at Metro Cinema, and they all look pretty good.  Really.  Truly.  In fact, after watching the trailer for each of them, and in a semi-ironic twist the likes of a show where it turns out the aliens are actually going to eat use when they invite us to dinner, the last man on Earth’s glasses break, and everybody has pig faces or something, I think a movie about watching mushrooms grow might be the thing I’m going to recommend most highly.  That Fantastic Fungi trailer really did look neat.