Opening this Weekend

Doctor Sleep

Last Christmas


Playing with Fire

Better Days

Margaret Atwood:  A Word After a Word After a Word is Power

Once Were Brothers:  Robbie Robertson and The Band

Billy Connolly:  The Sex Life of Bandages

Human Lost

Box Office Predictions

  1. Doctor Sleep
  2. Last Christmas
  3. Midway
  4. Terminator: Dark Fate
  5. Joker

What You Should See

So last week I was pretty excited about that weekend’s new movies, and I stand by that excitement today as we face this new weekend.  A lot of good movies opened last weekend and you should go see them if you still haven’t.  Parasite?  Still looks great, and I’ll probably see it tonight.  Jojo Rabbit?  I did see that one and it was truly astonishing.  Definitely see Jojo Rabbit if you haven’t yet.  And maybe again if you have.

But this weekend?  You could go see Doctor Sleep if that’s what you’re into.  Otherwise there’s no good reason to go out to see a new movie with any of the weekend’s other three big releases — Midway, Playing with Fire, or Last Christmas — though you’d be forgiven for giving Last Christmas a try simply out of morbid curiosity because we all want to see if Henry Goulding’s character is a ghost like we all think he is.

Things get a bit better at Metro Cinema with Better Days, Margaret Atwood:  A Word After a Word After a Word is Power, and Once Were Brothers:  Robbie Robertson and The Band, though none of them really jumps out.  I’d hope the Chinese (Mandarin)-language Better Days turns out to be good and the Margaret Atwood piece is the first authorized biography of the author, though some critics say it’s a little too straightforward for its own good.  And that Robbie Robertson and The Band thing looks… looks… look, I’m just going to go ahead and pull a reverse Scorsese on that one and put it down as something vaguely bad mostly because I don’t care enough about it to find out more.  Sort of in the same vein is Billy Connolly:  The Sex Life of Bandages, Saturday only at South Edmonton Common, which sees the comic nobody really remembers or likes until they actually watch one of his shows doing something I don’t really care about, and the anime Human Lost, Saturday only at South Edmonton Common again, which I’m sure enough I’m not going to see that I’m unwilling to find out more.  Frustrating that someone who should know better and is fully aware of how destructive such reckless comments can be still won’t give things a chance?  Try telling that to Coppola.

Also this weekend at Metro Cinema is the Rainbow Visions Film Festival, currently in its fifth year, showcasing LFBTQ-focused films.  I’ve at least watched the previews for pretty much everything at the Fest this weekend, and there are quite a few movies I’d consider seeing, and, honestly, what better way is there to celebrate our freedom this Remembrance Day long weekend than celebrating pride?  Lest we forget we’re all people, for better or worse.