spider-man-back-in-mcu.jpgSo we’re not a news website in any way, shape, or form.  We don’t have the resources, the people in place, or, really, the conviction or determination to stay on top of a beast as unruly as the news.  It’s not something we do because we know we wouldn’t do it that well.  But this is a big deal and we just happened to be awake early enough in the morning today to catch this news and write something about it.

So anyway, if you’ve been paying attention to these sorts of things over the last two months or so, you might have heard that Spider-Man, as played by Tom Holland for two solo outings and five appearances in total, was now out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Turned out that Sony, who still held the movie rights to the character, and Marvel could not come to terms on a new agreement for continued use of the character, with words like “disappointed” and “it was never meant to last forever” being bandied about on the circumstances.  See, under the terms of the former agreement, Marvel Studios only got about 5% of the first-dollar grosses and all merchandising revenue, and considering that Marvel is largely responsible for the critical and financial success of the character [not a fact, but a lot of people are saying it], they rightfully wanted more (even if the merchandising rights are the real plum).  And Sony said no.  Or something.  Maybe that’s not actually fair to Sony who’ve mostly come across as the bad guys in this whole thing.

But whatever, all of that happened, and it doesn’t matter anymore.  News broke out this morning that Spider-Man will be staying in the MCU!  And that’s good news for everyone, not only because the Spider-Man were easily among the best of the MCU and not only because Venom, the Spider-Man-affiliated Sony solo production, was a terrible, terrible movie, but because that means so much of the Tom Holland Spider-Man is built on the relationships he’s had in the MCU.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Marvel now appears to be receiving 25% of the profits along with… ah, who cares.  Honestly, we always thought things would turn out this way and that the seeming Marvel-Spidey split was just a public spat amongst movie studios.  What’s important is that Spider-Man’s back, a new Spider-Man movie is now scheduled for July 16, 2021, and we can go back to feeling okay about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its increasingly unhealthy hold on our collective consciousness.  Because paying that kind of attention this universe?  What a drag.  So let’s never let this happen again.  Let’s never take our eyes off the ball.  Because if it does… well… I think young Greta Thunberg said it best (just replace climate with Spider-Man):

And also maybe we should be thinking about the climate too.