Opening this Weekend





One Cut of the Dead


Beyond the Well

Box Office Predictions

  1. Abominable
  2. Downton Abbey
  3. Ad Astra
  4. IT: Chapter Two
  5. Hustlers

What You Should See

First, Abominable, Judy, and Zeroville are the biggest new releases.  Abominable looks cute, Judy looks like a real strong prestige Judy Garland biopic for Renee Zellweger, and it looks like you should only see Zeroville if you have any morbid curiosity left for James Franco’s career.  Second, Monos(playing at Princess Theatre), One Cut of the Dead, #Roxy, and Beyond the Well (all playing at Metro Cinema) all seem worth a look.

I wanted to get through all of those quickly, though, because the big movie news for this weekend is the 33rd Annual Edmonton International Film Festival at the downtown Landmark, which actually opened yesterday and continues all the way through until October 5th.  Highlights for me include Korean director Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite, which looks like all sorts of the right kind of weird, What She Said:  The Art of Pauline Kael, and The Death of Dick Long, but you’ll find all kinds of diverse and interesting stuff going on at the fest, the kinds of films you’ll rarely find in regular rotation at the theatres and the kinds of films that spit directly in the face of the thought that there’s no originality in the movie industry anymore, and, perhaps most importantly, usually only real film fans go to these kinds of things, so you’ll find a respectful audience that’s actually there to watch a movie.  It’s on that final point especially that I genuinely encourage you to go find something to watch at the fest and experience a true rarity in this day and age:  Being surrounded by people that don’t suck.