Opening this Weekend

Angel Has Fallen

Ready or Not


The Queen’s Corgi

After the Wedding


ZZ Top:  That Little Ol’ Band From Texas


American Factory

Box Office Predictions

  1. Angel Has Fallen
  2. Good Boys
  3. Ready or Not
  4. Overcomer
  5. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

What You Should See

Strange how you can always spot a Christian movie from a mile away.

So anyway, there’s a flurry of new studio releases this weekend, but none of them are very big and most aren’t likely to be movies you’ve been looking forward to for a while, so let’s just get to it.  Movies you must avoid this weekend are Angel Has Fallen, the third in the “… Has Fallen”-bodyguard-protecting-the-president franchise that I’ve never, ever, ever felt compelled to see; After the Wedding, which I’m not even going to bother to try to figure out what it’s about given what it looks like and its poor reviews; The Queen’s Corgi, which is that rare breed of animated family movie that nobody’s heard of and seems made for nobody; and, of course, Overcomer for reasons of faith-based movies always being preachy, overwrought, and objectively bad.  Honourary mentions to ZZ Top:  That Little Ol’ Band From Texas and Ambili (showing Saturday and Sunday only at South Edmonton Common), both of which I’m sure both have their audiences but leave me completely cold.

I am, however, really quite excited about the other two new releases, Ready or Not

(which actually opened on Wednesday), which looks like all kinds of violent and cynical greatness, and Luce which combines an intriguing premise with some very good word of mouth from critics.  Also premiering on Netflix is American Factory, a documentary and the first release from the Netflix-Obama deal that could have uncomfortably blurred the lines between politics and commerce if not for the fact that no reasonable person alive could possibly sincerely dislike Michelle or Barack.  And it actually looks like it could be a pretty decent watch as well.  So… y’know… thanks Obamas.