Opening this Weekend

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

The Farewell

Dear Comrade

Box Office Predictions

  1. Lion King (2019)
  2. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
  3. Spider-Man: Far From Home
  4. Toy Story 4
  5. Yesterday
  6. Crawl

What You Should See

We did it!  We won!  Avengers:  Endgame has finally beaten Avatar at the all-time worldwide box office!  It’s finally done!  Now, finally, a legitimately good movie is the highest grossing of all time instead of some crap about blue aliens that’s a rip-off of a bunch of much better movies (i.e., FernGully)?  Now isn’t that heavenly?  And don’t you feel better too?  I do!


This weekend we get something completely different than all of this Avengers/Lion King/Avatar-style franchise movie talk and get back to some good old fashioned original IP with Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, the 9th film from legendary director Quentin Tarantino.  It’s a movie in the same mould as the glory days of movies, when people went to the movies to see movies and not just to stay current in some long-growing saga that everybody’s getting tired of anyways even if they are the only things making money in the industry anymore.  Make Hollywood great again!  Even if it does mean seeing movies about Hollywood itself!

There’s also The Farewell, which actually looks really good too, though in a much more subdued way than Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, and a much more accurate reflection of Asian culture than last summer’s Crazy Rich Asians in that it captures the two things that define being Chinese:  self-denial and keeping huge secrets from your family.  And in a similar way, Dear Comrade, a Telugu-language action drama playing for three days only at South Edmonton Common, looks to also be a strong reflection of its culture in that the teaser opens with a bunch of people beating each other (though I have to admit I’m much less familiar with their culture).

So three really strong new movies to recommend this weekend, and maybe another Avengers:  Endgame session if you have the time, just to rub Avatar’s nose in it.