Opening this Weekend

The Kid Who Would Be King

Serenity (2019)




Stan & Ollie


Letter from Masanjia

BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ in Seoul

Box Office Predictions

  1. Glass
  2. The Upside
  3. The Kid Who Would Be King
  4. Aquaman
  5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

What You Should See

… Mmmaybe don’t go?

I mean, to be fair, there are a few movies I genuinely like the looks of this weekend, but there’s nothing opening this weekend for new movies that screams out “MUST SEE” or “THIS ONE FOR SURE” or even “FULL FRONTAL NUDITY”.  Although there is that rumour about Matthew McConaughey.  But Serenity is just about the last thing I would recommend you see if you do decide to go out.  Really, at this point, I’m pretty sure McConaughey is doing most of his movies (and whatever else) just to have a good time nowadays.  Plus, I’m pretty sure there was another movie named Serenity that isn’t that old or that forgotten.

Meanwhile, on the more positive side of the ledger, we have The Kid Who Would Be King, starring Andy Serkis’s son in some sort of kid-oriented Arthurian retelling, and that looks equal parts not bad and not for me, Destroyer looks like a tour-de-force performance for its star Nicole Kidman, though I honestly don’t have enough interest in it to find out what it’s actually about, Shoplifters, Burning, and Letter from Masanjia all share the distinction of being Asian films that look good and would be the movies I’d most likely see this weekend if I wasn’t so weary of the outside world, and Stan and Ollie is surely the John-C.-Reilly-starring comedy duet movie that we deserve in the wake of Holmes and Watson sh*t the bed this time last month.

Oh, and there’s also the animated Racetime which I came this close to excluding from this list because I barely noticed it existed and is opening somewhere here in Edmonton.

Oh, and there’s also a one-day only screening of the BTS’ ‘Love Yourself’ World Tour concert shot in Seoul that… I’m not even going to try to end this sentence with a coherent thought because I have none about the topic.

Finally, if you’d like to see a sneak peak of the new Lego movie, The Lego Movie 2:  The Second Part, it’s showing this Saturday only, nearly two weeks ahead of schedule, at a few of the bigger theatres.