Opening this Weekend



The Little Stranger

Juliet, Naked

Skate Kitchen


Box Office Predictions

  1. Crazy Rich Asians
  2. The Meg
  3. The Happytime Murders
  4. Mission: Impossible — Fallout
  5. Searching

What You Should See

Lying?  Betrayal?  Disappearances?  Misappropriation of money?  Now this is a Crazy Asian movie I can get behind!

Realistically, Searching is probably the most exciting movie that’s come out over these last, few, waning days of this smoky, hazy summer, way down here at the end of August, the time of year where they put all of the summer movies that we all just knew weren’t going to be any good.  Faint praise I guess, now that I’ve transitioned on to a new sentence and can see the last one for how gloomy it really was, but Searching genuinely looks like the kind of movie worth checking out, an inventive, sorrowful, harrowing, and suspenseful thriller.  That it embodies all of the lies, self-delusions, and half-truths at the centre of the average Asian family (and I say this as an admitted Chinaman) while not necessary being about or saying anything about Asian culture is just gravy.  And John Cho is just the greatest.

And, actually, many of the movies coming out now, here, at the end of all things summer 2018, have more than just a little bit of my interest.  As much as I wanted to rail against the Ethan-Hawke-starring Juliet, Naked for the actor’s recent comments on superhero movies, I just can’t be as close-minded as him and push Juliet, Naked off into a corner to be dismissed because it looks really charming, so I’m recommending that one.  Who’s the bigger man now, Ethan?  The slice-of-life indie drama Skate Kitchen may not wind up being revelatory, but it looks like it has the potential to be great.  And the astrologically charged Cielo, to me, calls to mind those lazy school day field trips at the Space and Science Centre planetarium where you pretended to be learning but were really just happy for the change of pace.

That leaves only Kin and The Little Stranger for your consideration at this last summer weekend of new movies.  And there’s a reason why I’ve left them to the end here.  The same reason I’m not going to commit any more thought toward them by continuing this sentence.

[Psst… that means don’t go].