Opening this Weekend

Mission:  Impossible – Fallout

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

Our House

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Shock and Awe


Box Office Predictions

  1. Mission: Impossible — Fallout
  2. Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again
  3. Teen Titans GO! to the Movies
  4. The Equalizer 2
  5. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

What You Should See

Y’know, if I mentioned the names “George Perez” or “Marv Wolfman” or even “Tom Grummett”, I’m pretty sure most of you wouldn’t catch onto the fact that I’m a pretty big Teen Titans fan.  But I am, damn it!  I am!  Nightwing!  Donna Troy!  Changeling!  Those are the real Titans!  None of this Robin is Dick Grayson but he’s wearing Tim Drake’s costume nonsense!  None of this “who the hell is Wonder Girl?” crap!  None of this “Beast Boy” malarky!  When will you kids leeeeaaarrn?!?

Anyway, as you may have gathered, I never really took to this cartoon Teen Titans or its later GO! version that seems to have made the biggest impact on you guys today, with your fancy cartoons that aren’t only (and now almost not at all) on Saturday mornings, but Teen Titans GO! to the Movies actually looks pretty good.  I’d see that.  Not ‘cause I’m a Titans fan, because it actually seems to be weirdly meta.

Mission:  Impossible — Fallout is the real big story of the weekend’s new movies, however, and I’m almost definitely going to see that!  The Mission:  Impossible movies have been ridiculously solid since Tom Cruise took over the starring and producing reins of the franchise way back in 1996, and even though it’s impossible enough to remember what was happening in any of them plot wise, most of them still manage to leave a strong impression for a variety of other reasons.

And actually, now that it comes to it, I’d give almost every one of this weekend’s new movies some serious consideration.  Our House doesn’t look directly bad, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with those great, great coffee commercials, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot might not be for everybody, but it’s a movie I’m planning to see some time this year, and Zama… also probably isn’t for everybody, but it’s got some decent reviews.  In fact, the only real let down this weekend is Shock and Awe, though it does look groan-worthy enough to bring the spirit of the whole weekend down just enough that we can’t totally feel good about things.  Like when your weirdo socialist friend starts talking politics at a Halloween party or, I don’t know… somebody accidentally sits on the hamster that’s been running around the same party and then the host won’t let anyone leave until he finds out who killed his favourite pet.  I’m not saying it’s happened to me, but it could happen to you!  So, uh… don’t see Shock and Awe.

Also, this Saturday the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta will be hosting its Video Kitchen introductory digital film course for aspiring film and video artists at Metro Cinema.  So if you’re interested in making movies, get ready to leeeeaaarrn!  Gain new skills, develop your personal vision(s), and maybe find out why it might still be worth going for the i9 processor in the brand-new MacBook Pro you can no doubt easily afford because, hey, the life of an aspiring filmmaker is almost as well paying as it is always rewarding and easy to find success in!