Opening this Weekend

Mamma Mia!:  Here We Go Again

The Equalizer 2

Unfriended:  Dark Web


Three Identical Strangers

Let the Sunshine In

Vampire Clay


Box Office Predictions

  1. Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again
  2. The Equalizer 2
  3. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
  4. Ant-Man and the Wasp
  5. Skyscraper

What You Should See

Mamma Mia! really feels like one of those things I should know something about.  Like Grease.  Or how Sharia law works.  It’s one of those things I should at least one thing about.  But I don’t.  I just don’t.  And after Mamma Mia!:  Here We Go Again opens this weekend?  I’m probably not going to know anything more about it.  Or those other things.  That’s actually how I feel about all of this weekend’s new releases, especially since all three of them — Mamma Mia!:  Here We Go Again, The Equalizer 2, and Unfriended:  Dark Web — are sequels.  But I don’t know much about them now and there’s probably no way I’m going to see any of them or their predecessors any time soon.

My two highest recommendations for this weekend go to Whitney and Three Identical Strangers, documentaries on Whitney Houston and the strange case of three identical brothers separated at birth respectively.  They both look pretty great.

That leaves only the three movies I feel indifferent towards, Let the Sunshine in, Vampire Clay, and Kuso.  To be honest, I wish I had some story to go along with these three different sets of movies, some grand or obtuse or conspiratorial backbone that would form a throughline between three movie sequels I’ll probably never see, two documentaries I’d say you should see, and three movies I don’t care about, but I don’t.  So I guess I’ll just stop.

Right here.

At the end of this sentence.

This sentence I’m writing right now.