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Opening this Weekend

Solo:  A Star Wars Story


A Long Road to Peace

Box Office Predictions

  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  2. Deadpool 2
  3. Avengers: Infinity War
  4. Book Club
  5. Life of the Party

What You Should See

I can’t help but feel that RBG would have been a much better fit if it had opened last weekend right next to Deadpool 2.  I mean, Deadpool?  Ruth Bader Ginsburg?  Their chemistry would be off the charts!  And just imagine the pegging!

Anyway, it’s another new Star Wars movie opening this weekend, and as much as many people out there (people like all of us here at GOO Reviews for instance) thought Solo:  A Star Wars Story would have been a better fit for Christmas 2018 rather than now, the move to summer at least represents a sort of return to form given that all of the original and prequel installments opened in summer.  Still, given the last three, I really feel Star Wars is more of a Christmas thing now.  It also seems like they could’ve used the extra time what with the original directors being fired and Ron Howard pretty much reshooting the whole thing, but, y’know, a Han Solo origin movie probably has a pretty limited ceiling anyway.

On the other han’ (see what I did there?), as much as I’m much more likely to see Solo:  A Star Wars Story while it’s in the theatre, if I could only see one of the two major movies opening this weekend, it would probably be RBG.  A triumphant, hard-hitting, fist-pumping documentary on the world’s most infamous (and sexiest!) supreme court justice , plus I’m pretty sure that, if she had found herself in the same situation, there would be no question that Ruth shot first.  RBG is playing only at the downtown Landmark.