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Opening this Weekend

Pacific Rim:  Uprising

Sherlock Gnomes

Midnight Sun


Paul, Apostle of Christ

The Leisure Seeker

The Death of Stalin

The Insult (L’insulte)

Metric:  Dreams So Real

Box Office Predictions

  1. Pacific Rim: Uprising
  2. Black Panther
  3. Sherlock Gnomes
  4. Tomb Raider
  5. I Can Only Imagine

What You Should See

Y’know… if I’m being honest… this weekend at the movies makes me pretty angry.  And sad.  By far the thing that makes me most angry is the fact that Isle of Dogs is only opening in limited release and won’t be showing here until, probably, April 6th.  I love Wes Anderson movies, we all do here at GOO Reviews really (take a look at our Grand Budapest Hotel review), and it’s a real bummer to find out a movie we were fully expecting to see this weekend will have to wait for later.

The silver lining of Isle of Dogs’ delay was supposed to be that it gives us plenty of time to see the week’s major new release, Pacific Rim:  Uprising.  The original Pacific Rim holds a special place in the development of this website, in many ways epitomizing the weird blend of flashy, exciting, inherently low-brow but earnest and at least sort of trying nature of our work here.  But those Pacific Rim:  Uprising reviews?  Not looking good.  That’s why this paragraph in our weekend preview is the sad chapter of our weekend’s feelings.

But anyway, back to our reasons for being angry:  The rest of the movies being released this weekend.  Sherlock Gnomes looks just despicably bad, a full-on bag of deplorables, as does, to a lesser extent, Midnight Sun (though it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son[!]) and The Leisure Seeker, and Paul, Apostle of Christ is, to us, by definition bad and, to most critics, actually bad.  Oh sure, we’ve got decent movies like The Death of Stalin to make up for it, but that movie is weeks late here too, Unsane, as directed by Steven Soderbergh, actually looks interesting but I just don’t care about the subject matter, and as for The Insult?  I actually don’t have anything bad to say about that one other than its apparent goodness isn’t nearly enough to alleviate the prevailing sense of anger and sadness I’m currently feeling.  Oh yeah, and there’s also the concert documentary Metric:  Dreams So Real playing at Metro Cinema, but honestly, when was the last time anybody talked about Metric?

The last thing I’d like to mention is that yesterday marked the launch of the National Film Board’s Indigenous Cinema web page, where you can stream a large collection of the NFB’s works from Indigenous filmmakers.  It’s actually pretty interesting, with stuff dating all the way back to 1968.  And it’s relevant, which is a helluva lot more than I can say for, ‘sigh’, Pacific Rim:  Uprising.