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Opening this Weekend

The Post

Paddington 2

The Commuter

Proud Mary

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Box Office Predictions

  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  2. The Post
  3. Paddington 2
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  5. Proud Mary

What You Should See

I guess we’ve never really talked about it before, but the original Paddington movie is really good.  It doesn’t exactly fit the profile of movies we usually review or talk a lot about here at GOO Reviews, but it’s really great, and you should probably go see Paddington 2 this weekend if you’re starved for a new movie.  We’re probably not going to review it or anything, but, honestly, that’s more a failing on our part.

As for the rest of the weekend’s new releases… well, f**ck you, it’s January! Heading up our collection of misfit movies for this weekend is The Post, a historical drama/Oscar-bait movie from Steven Spielberg, in the same vein as Bridge of Spies, which means, if you’re a normal person, you’re actually not supposed to see it.

In somehow even more boring news, the latest Liam-Neeson-led action piece, The Commuter, is also opening this weekend, and I can’t imagine a scenario in which I’d recommend that.  Proud Mary, on the other hand, looks interesting, but I fear the lack of pre-release reviews for it are indicative of just how proud Mary really would be about this movie.  Now that’s wordplay!  Oh, and then there’s the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and… look, there are no words in that title that excite me, so I didn’t bother to look into what it is.  I’m sorry, I’m just being honest.