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Opening this Weekend



Thank You For Your Service


The Florida Project

Loving Vincent

Shin Godzilla

Libera Nos (Deliver Us)

Reconciliation:  Birth of a Family

Box Office Predictions

  1. Jigsaw
  2. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
  3. Geostorm
  4. Suburbicon
  5. Happy Death Day

What You Should See

That’s a pretty big list of new movies — nine brand new movies! — especially when you consider how many classic Halloween/horror-oriented movie celebrations are also vying for your attention at Metro Cinema this weekend.  But to be honest, it’s October 27th, the weekend before Halloween 2017,  Jigsaw is probably going to be the box office champion, and the main thing I’m thinking of right now in new movies?  It’s only one week until Thor:  Ragnarok opens!

So anyway, for the sake of brevity and what we all know this weekend is really about, here’s the Rotten Tomatoes scores for movies I’m not planning on seeing this weekend:

And here’s the scores for movies I would actually see:

Really think that Florida Project looks good.

But what you should see this weekend?  What you’re almost absolutely going to watch almost no matter what else is going on?