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Opening this Weekend

Happy Death Day

The Foreigner

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

The Limehouse Golem

78/52:  Hitchcock’s Shower Scene

Box Office Predictions

  1. Blade Runner 2049
  2. Happy Death Day
  3. The Foreigner
  4. IT
  5. The Mountain Between Us

What You Should See

So happy Friday the 13th everybody!  And what a lucky Friday the 13th this is!  It’s a rare thing we have this weekend in new movies, one where all five of the new releases looks like at least a decent choice, so I feel it’s important we take this time to give this weekend the recognition it’s due.  So let’s have a moment of silence …

… There we go, that’s exactly one moment.

Now if you asked me what I actually want to see, I’d like to see The Foreigner but it’ll probably be a while before I actually see it (almost certainly not while it’s still theatres), I would definitely see Happy Death Day if I was in the mood (but I’m not and probably won’t), and I’d give The Limehouse Golem a shot too if I was picking up what that trailer’s putting down.  But I’ll probably end up seeing Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, because it doesn’t look like a lot of the other movies out there right now.

I do also want to give some special attention to the celebration of cinema that is 78/52, a study of Hitchcock’s most classic work.  It’s playing at Metro Cinema just for this weekend, and if you catch it on Friday you can follow it with a screening of Psycho itself right after.

Also, also… go see Blade Runner 2049 if you can.  It really needs it.  Our review should be up this weekend.