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Opening this Weekend

Blade Runner 2049

The Mountain Between Us

My Little Pony:  The Movie

Victoria & Abdul

Don’t Talk to Irene

The Girl Without Hands (La jeune fille sans mains)

Kita Kita

The Last Dalai Lama?

Box Office Predictions

  1. Blade Runner 2049
  2. IT
  3. The Mountain Between Us
  4. American Made
  5. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

What You Should See

Blade Runner 2049.

I mean, My Little Pony: The Movie has its own built in audience and so does Victoria & Abdul to some extent, I think it takes a certain type of person to want to see The Girl Without Hands or The Last Dalai Lama, and I feel like The Mountain Between Us is a movie most of us will end up seeing eventually (just probably not while it’s in theatres), but the new Blade Runner might be a question mark for some of you.  It shouldn’t be.  Go see it, it’s good.

Or… actually, you should also probably go see Don’t Talk to Irene too.

In other news, we’re now at the tail end of the Edmonton International Film Festival, and while that doesn’t leave you that much to see, you might want to take this opportunity now to go see the fest’s biggest movie (and it’s closer), Lucky, since you’ll otherwise have to wait much longer to see it and I wouldn’t be surprised it it ends up being an Oscar contender next year.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving weekend everybody!  It’s always so easy to forget Canadian Thanksgiving since it never feels like Thanksgiving in October.