Opening this Weekend

Transformers:  The Last Knight

47 Meters Down

The Bad Batch

Call of the Forest:  The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight
  2. Cars 3
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. All Eyez on Me
  5. The Mummy

What You Should See

It’s a disappointing week for new movies, disappointing in a lot of different ways actually.  Obviously Transformers:  The Last Knight is opening, and it’s disappointing that Michael Bay is ruining the prospects of these movies by still directing them, but if you’re anything like me and part of what you do every week is pay attention to the new movies opening, it’s also disappointing to see that the week’s other new major releases, The Beguiled and The Big Sick, aren’t yet for this city, instead opening in only a few American theatres before their wider release.  I’m not saying I was particularly looking forward to either (though, if you’re asking, I’d admit that I did really want to see the latter), but I always hate that feeling I get, that particularly pointed stinging, when some force from on high tells me that something is available to others, but it isn’t for me yet and I’ll have to wait longer.

But we did get 47 Meters Down!  It should’ve been here last week, it’s only playing here at one of our theatres, it doesn’t look like anything special, and it spells ‘Metres’ wrong, but here it is…!

We’ve also got The Bad Batch and Call of the Forest showing at Metro Cinema this week (and going to either of them is probably more within the realm of sanity than going to Transformers), but what I think you should actually be excited about seeing this weekend is some of the other stuff showing at Metro Cinema.  They’re not new, but Sid and Nancy is showing on Friday, you could catch Trainspotting and then immediately follow it up with T2:  Trainspotting on Saturday, and Batman:  The Movie (as in Adam West’s Batman ’66), a “movie” that’s virtually impossible not to like, is showing on Sunday!