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batman-affleck-oneIn these dark days of new Presidents, #fakenews, and #alternativefacts, we here at GOO Reviews thought it important that we all slow down for a minute, take a deep breath, and contemplate what’s really important: Batman.

Now we’re not sure exactly when it happened, whether it was a broader shift in society or if what Thom wrote about Batman in his review of Batman v Superman is true and it’s just a natural part of growing up, but at some point we the people got sick of Superman and took on Batman as our favourite superhero, and it’s a title the Dark Knight Detective’s been running away with ever since. Despite being a grimmer, grittier, gruffer, and inherently more tragic character, Batman is the hero on more kid’s t-shirt, the star of the most superhero movies, and he’s one of the only superheroes with a successful videogame series. Hell, he’s even an attraction at online casino games (Batman & The Joker Jewels and Batman & Catwoman Cash). In fact, just last year Fansided gathered together a list of the 250 greatest fandoms and Batman was ranked 13th. Granted, it’s a really weird list (Louis Vuitton was 232nd, Disney was 16th, and the Chicago Cubs were 1st), but still, it’s hard to argue with Batman at 13th place, ahead of all other superhero properties and well ahead of most other things. At this point we’re pretty sure that if the people were given the choice between Batman and Donald Trump last November, Batman would’ve won the electoral college and the popular vote (Trump was 20th on the Fansided list).batman-affleck-batmobile

And yet, with less than stellar reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, both movies featuring Batman heavily, the fanbase for the fledgling DC Extended Universe is more doubtful then ever as we wait here in the eye of the storm for the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League, and with news that Ben Affleck will no longer be directing The Batman, that the Flash movie has lost its director, and Batman v Superman earning eight Razzie Award nominations, things seem only to be growing darker. But Batman v Superman wasn’t that bad, not award-winningly bad at least, and we almost all agreed that Ben Affleck’s Batman was the best part. I mean, look at this:

Really, the only Razzie we’d nominate BvS for would be Worst Editing in a Motion Picture, a category not even considered at the Golden Raspberries. Because they don’t really think about things that deeply at the Razzies. They just hate. And their hate rewards our hate. And that path leads to the dark side. You see, way back in 2013, we were more than happy in our review of Man of Steel, the movie that kicked off the DCEU, we were even hopeful, not because it gave an easy path for Clark Kent to become Superman (like all those silly heroes at Marvel), but because his path was difficult, because it was hard, and we’re very much hopeful that when we finally get to see this new incarnation of Batman in his own movie, with the pedigree of the people now running the DCEU, with Batman’s nearly unrivalled fan-following, and with everything the Warner Bros. brass has learned with their DCEU, our faith will be rewarded.

Because he’s the Batman, and right now he’s the hero we need and the hero we deserve.

Ben Affleck and all.batman-affleck-foot

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