Opening this Weekend

The Magnificent Seven




This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. The Magnificent Seven
  2. Storks
  3. Sully
  4. Bridget Jones’ Baby
  5. Blair Witch

What You Should See

If inconseqence had a movie weekend, surely it must be this one. Have I made that joke before? Nah, I’m too smart for that.

Anyway, this weekend we only get two new major movie releases. One’s an over-exuberant take on one of life’s juvenile misunderstandings of how biological processes work… and the other is Storks. Have I made that joke before?

Anyway, The Magnificent Seven looks okay and Storks looks okaaay. Go see either, go see both, don’t see either, those are your choices and the world will keep on going. Not much to report here, really.