Opening this Weekend

The Good Dinosaur


Victor Frankenstein

Mississippi Grind

James White

This Changes Everything

This Weekend’s Box Office Predictions

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
  2. The Good Dinosaur
  3. Creed
  4. Spectre
  5. The Peanuts Movie

What You Should See

If there’s one thing we can all thank America’s take-almost-the-entire-work-week-off-and-talk-about-nothing-else Thanksgiving week celebrations for, it’s that it’s usually a week where we don’t have to wait until Friday for new movies. Having all opened on Wednesday, you may even have already seen any or all of this week’s major new releases, and this may be the first weekend since we started our weekend coverage that there’s a good reason to see all three.

The Good Dinosaur may not quite be the triumph that Pixar usually puts out, but that really says more about the extraordinary quality of their usual fare than it actually says anything bad about this movie. At least for a certain audience, Creed is a knockout (Pun intended? Not intended? You decide…!) that’s already garnering unexpected but well-deserved Oscar buzz (review’ll be up next week), and even Victor Frankenstein is looking like the one genre freak show that may be worth a look after this past year’s travesties, The Last Witch Hunter, Seventh Son, and Jupiter Ascending.

I’d also recommend Missippi Grind, showing at the Garneau, and starring the great, great Ben Mendolsohn, who most of you probably only know from The Dark Knight Rises where he played… y’know, that squirmy, self-absorbed, rich guy who gets his neck broken by Bane pretty early on.