by Grace Crawford

Images courtesy of Bay & Thomas Productions and 20th Century Fox.

Images courtesy of Bay & Thomas Productions and 20th Century Fox.

9×04: “The Broken Code”

Even if you’re not a HIMYM fan, or even if you’re not a bro, you know about the Bro Code. It’s an unspoken (except not really, because Barney doesn’t shut up about it), unwritten (except apparently it’s replaced Gideon Bibles in select hotels) code of conduct strictly adhered to by the staunchest of bros. It is gospel. It is law. And Ted totally broke it at the end of season 8 when he held Robin’s hand at the carousel.

I still don’t understand why it’s that big a deal, and Ted doesn’t seem to get it, either — or maybe he’s just covering up the fact that he still has feelings for Robin, because of course he does. And Barney seems cool with it at first, but then he starts blatantly abusing the “best man” responsibility card, and Ted goes all out to make it the best wedding of all time… until he gets fired from being best man, ’cause he’s been replaced by Billy Zabka (yes, that Billy Zabka).

Barney is, in fact, crazy pissed, and he pulls out The Bro Code — no, I’m serious, he pulls out an actual copy of The Bro Code — to reference the fact that you’re not allowed to get all weird with another bro’s fiancee. But it’s not in there, yadda yadda, so they pull Marshall in, and Lily’s gotten all drunk and weird and attached an iPad to a Marsh-pillow and now they’re re-enacting Weekend at Bernie’s, which I still haven’t seen, and basically this is the worst sentence ever so I’m just gonna stop. The point is, Marshall lawyers up and gets the bros to recreate the weird moment to see if it was, in fact weird.

Turns out, two bros holding hands on a beach in the rain is super weird. But Ted fesses up about his feelings, which is pretty nice after him being in denial for like six seasons now. And he actually agrees to shut them down and try to move on, which apparently demonstrates enormous character growth. Except that’s bulls***t. ’cause this is Ted we’re talking about, and there are still a minimum of 16 episodes left before the series finale, which means he’s gonna get all emotional and try to convince Robin to run off with him, because that’s what Ted does. But, much like Ted swore to do (on the Bro Code, no less), I will try to shut down my feelings. And I’ll give him a chance to redeem himself.

The Broken Code

I tried to make a pun about “bro-deeming” himself, but I died a little inside.

Speaking of redemption, I want to know what’s up with the writers lately, because they’ve been making Robin a lot harder and sharper in recent seasons. And part of that involves not getting along with other women. Mind you, this wasn’t a problem in early seasons, when Robin would go out with chick friends all the time. Something happened at some point, and I’ve yet to figure out what that catalyst might be, but Robin became a jealous, nasty b*tch. Sure, she’s funny, and she’s Canadian, so I’ve got a little bit of a soft spot in my heart for her, but as Dr. Sonya would say, “Just a little bit.” It’s been grating on my nerves for a while. Luckily, it was used really well in this episode.

Robin’s bachelorette party sucked because she had no girl friends to invite (except Patrice, of course, who wasn’t actually invited but somehow found out anyway). So Lily embarks on a quest to find Robin a new best friend, as she and Marshall will be leaving for Rome right away, and she worries about leaving Robin alone. This led me to conclude that of course Robin would meet the Mother and love her right away, but oddly enough, Robin made friends with “Asian (?) Robin” instead. So while that was a big wasted opportunity, in my opinion, it was nice to be reminded that Robin is capable of having friends, even with all the awful character traits she’s been saddled with lately.

So that’s the episode. It felt kinda pointless, but I think pretty much everything from now until December, when some big plot point hits the fan to keep us all watching for the second half of the season, will be pointless, too. But I’m still gonna keep watching, if only because Lily is getting drunker and drunker as the season progresses and I find that friggin’ hilarious.

Final Grade: B-

Items of Note:

  • Barney and Ted crying about the scotch!
  • Wow, Lily’s lesbian phase in season 1’s “Best Prom Ever” really hasn’t ended, has it? #OTP
  • I’m going to start organizing things in alphabrotical order.
  • Billy Zabka’s back! Except, much like Hooch, he’s actually crazy. And I am eagerly awaiting his revenge. That is all.

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