Opening this Weekend

Jumanji:  The Next Level

Richard Jewell

Black Christmas

White Snake


The Two Popes

6 Underground

Box Office Predictions

  1. Jumanji: The Next Level
  2. Frozen II
  3. Richard Jewell
  4. Black Christmas
  5. Knives Out

What You Should See

So I thought that with this weekend at the movies, I’d start with something I don’t usually express myself with:  Honesty.  To be honest, it’s not that hard to be honest, it’s just rarely advisable to be totally honest.  That’s why you don’t tell someone they look bad today, maybe just tired; that’s why you don’t tell someone their idea is stupid, maybe you’ll just put a pin in that one; that’s why you don’t tell someone their prospects are hopeless and they should just give up, maybe just tell them you have to go now.  It’s even why you don’t just start sections like a weekend new movie preview with a column of yes’s and no’s, rather you ease them in with a subtle narrative that has as much to do with your mood as it does with what’s actually opening this weekend.

All that said, to be honest, I’m probably not going to see any of the new movies this weekend.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, though, it just means I don’t have much to say about the many and varied movies opening this weekend.  So let’s just get to it.

If I was going to consider a new movie to see this weekend, I would consider the mainstream family comedy Jumanji:  The Next Level, the Clint-Eastwood-directed Richard Jewell (only at the downtown Landmark), the My-Dinner-with-Andre-with-religion-esque The Two Popes (only at the Princess, but opening next weekend on Netflix), and the prescription-drug vs psychedelics documentary Dosed (only on Saturday at Metro Cinema).

I would not consider the horror/holiday remake Black Christmas, the Chinese-language animated White Snake (only at Metro Cinema),  or the Malayalam-language Mamangam (Saturday only at South Edmonton Common).  Also, the Michael-Bay-directed, Ryan-Reynolds-starring 6 Underground should be available to watch on Netflix by the time you read this, but that movie holds my strongest opinion of the weekend in that I’m strongly recommending against.

But like I said, I won’t actually be seeing any of those movies.  So maybe just save your energy for Star Wars next weekend.