Opening this Weekend

Knives Out

Queen & Slim

Marriage Story


Across the Stars:  Anne-Sophie Mutter & John Williams

Box Office Predictions

  1. Frozen II
  2. Knives Out
  3. Queen & Slim
  4. Ford v Ferrari
  5. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What You Should See

“Excitement, She Wrote!”

I think that’s a big enough clue as to which new movie I’m most excited about this weekend if you bear in mind where those three words were first uttered, what they were in reference to, and the very fact itself that I’m bothering to start off my recommendations with a mystery at all.


This week’s major new releases include the murder-mystery Knives Out, starring seemingly every good actor who’s still alive (or is it ‘that’s still alive’?), and the racially charged Queen & Slim, and they both would be pretty easy to recommend.  In keeping with the ongoing mystery, though, I’ll leave it to you to determine which one of the two I did already see and am unreservedly recommending.  Marriage Story, showing only at The Princess, also looks very strong and probably pretty heartwrenching as it tells the story of (no spoilers, it’s in the trailer) a married couple’s divorce.  Don’t know if I’ll be seeing that one straight away nor am I recommending it more highly than the two movies that precede it in this preview, but Marriage Story is at least on the list of movies our E-i-C is demanding we all watch before we get to hashing out this year’s GOO Reviews Top 10.

The other two movies (of sorts) opening this weekend are Stand!, playing only at Scotiabank Theatre in West Ed (a.k.a., the theatre in Edmonton in which I’ve had the worst experiences for reasons largely outside of the theatre’s actual control), and Across the Stars:  Anne-Sophie Mutter & John Williams, playing only on Saturday at the downtown Landmark and South Edmonton Common (and once more on Monday only at South Edmonton)  The latter is a theatrical exploration of John Williams music through the hands of superstar violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, so that’s an easy recommend.  The former is a movie musical adaptation of the stage musical Strike!, and when I learned that was the case, I, no offense to the people involved, immediately stopped wanting to find out any more.

Also, while we’re at it, while we’re all trying to drown out the larger media conversation of how it’s America’s all-week-long, take-at-least-three-days-off-in-addition-to-the-actual-weekend-itself celebration of the type of Thanksgivings we’re all deprived of here in Canada, I’ll also just use this space to remind you that Jojo Rabbit and Parasite are still playing downtown.  Both are looking to be very high up on our upcoming 2019 Top 10, so go see at least one of them soon.  And also Knives Out.  Mystery solved!