Opening this Weekend

Gemini Man

The Addams Family (2019)


My People, My Country

Linda Ronstadt:  The Sound of My Voice


The Hero (Geroy)

El Camino:  A Breaking Bad Movie

The Laundromat

Box Office Predictions

  1. Joker
  2. Gemini Man
  3. The Addams Family (2019)
  4. Abominable
  5. Downton Abbey

What You Should See

Another year, another slightly intriguing-looking Will Smith movie that turns out to be awful.  I think the most shocking thing about Will Smith’s movies is how good they usually look initially relative to how poorly they’re eventually received critically.  I know I was, at least at one point, genuinely looking forward to Seven Pounds, Focus, Concussion, and Collateral Beauty, and I was really looking forward to Bright and After Earth, and they all seemed like the kinds of movies that should be at least okay and do okay.  I never saw any of them, though, because they were all said to be downright terrible by critical consensus, and I’m someone who doesn’t even have time for all of the movies I’m interested in that the critics say are good, so I’m probably never going to get to any of those old, bad Will Smith movies even if I’m still a little interested in them.  Looking over Will’s Rotten Tomatoes page, he’s got way more splats than tomatoes and only two movies certified fresh.  It’s almost a tragic turn for one of the biggest stars of the 90s to not only become someone who isn’t much of a box office draw anymore but also for such a smart-seeming, focused, and career-driven guy to almost always pick bad movies to be in.

All of which is to say you probably shouldn’t see Gemini Man.  Not unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

And, really, the same goes for the weekend’s other big new movie releases, The Addams Family (2019) and Jexi, and… I mean, I was never a fan of The Addams Family show or the 90s revival movies, I’ve ever even seen an entire episode or more than a three-minute sequence from the 90s movies, but to see that the 2019 Addams Family is animated is almost enough to make me want to scream “I don’t care!”, and judging by the movie’s marketing campaign, I doubt its studio does either (care that is).  And as for Jexi?  What the hell is a “Jexi”?

Things get a bit better on the smaller side of the weekend’s new releases with Linda Ronstadt:  The Sound of My Voice, though my interest for that particular singer doesn’t extend much further than her Plow King commercials, and the documentary Honeyland actually looks kind of incredible if you’re into that sort of thing.  The Chinese My People, My Country (at the downtown Landmark) and the Russian The Hero (Geroy) (only on Sunday at South Edmonton Common), both remain enigmatic new foreign releases to the point that I wouldn’t want to even venture a guess as to what to say about them, and in Netflix new releases, it’s time for El Camino:  A Breaking Bad Movie, bitch, which I’m told is a reference, but that’s just how I normally talk, bitch, and The Laundromat, which, as with the opening subject of this section [Will Smith], looks like it should’ve been good but isn’t.

Also on the nearby horizon is Jay and Silent Bob Reboot which starts showing on Tuesday at South Edmonton Common and the downtown Landmark but really isn’t showing on that many days after that, so I don’t really even know.

Oh, and… Happy Thanksgiving… I guess…

… bitch.