Opening this Weekend


The Goldfinch

Ne Zha


Riot Girls

Gang Leader

National Live Theatre:  The Lehman Trilogy


Tattoo Uprising

Song of God

David Crosby:  Remember My Name

Box Office Predictions

  1. IT: Chapter Two
  2. Hustlers
  3. The Goldfinch
  4. Good Boys
  5. The Lion King (2019)

What You Should See

I’m gonna give it to you straight:  I’m not going to see a new movie this weekend.  I know this for a fact.  And yeah, I’m pretty busy this weekend anyway, but most of that decision is because most of this weekend’s new movies make me feel like it.  Hustlers is the weekend’s biggest new release and while it’s gotten strong enough reviews to suggest it goes quite a bit beyond just being a movie about strippers (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I’m just not really down.  Meanwhile, The Goldfinch, the weekend’s other big new releases, is… man, you just can’t look like you’re that kind of overwrought drama and get a 25% Rotten Tomatoes score (as of this writing) and expect anyone to go see you.

In more limited release are the foreign-language films Ne Zha, animated and only at Landmark Cinemas downtown and Cinema City, and Gang Leader, at South Edmonton Common Saturday and Sunday only, National Live Theatre’s The Lehman Trilogy, Saturday only and then intermittently on some following weekends at Scotiabank Theatre and South Edmonton Common, the documentaries Aquarela, Tattoo Uprising, Song of God, and David Crosby:  Remember My Name at Metro Cinema.  I have very little to say about any of those other than Gang Leader has a bit of an intriguing revenge-plot premise and Aquarela has (as of this writing) a surprising divide between strong critical reviews and a really bad audience score.

There is, however, a third category of movie opening this weekend, that I’m going to draw your attention to only because they don’t quite fit the previous two, and that is movies that I could see sometime but am just feeling too lazy to check out.  The sci-fi horror Freaks actually pretty good and dystopic future drama Riot Girls both fall squarely into the ‘like to see at some point’ category.