Opening this Weekend

Avengers:  Endgame

High Life

Man Running

Box Office Predictions

  1. Avengers: Endgame
  2. Curse of La Llorona
  3. SHAZAM!
  4. Breakthrough
  5. Captain Marvel

What You Should See


I genuinely think…

that other than if you meet the following caveats…

  • of not liking big, blockbuster movies,
  • of hating big crowds of moviegoers, or
  • of not liking the things that make life worth living…

that if you don’t want to see Avengers:  Endgame

that you’re what’s wrong with this world.


I said it.

To be fair, though, the Robert-Pattinson-starring (and that’s not a bad thing anymore, honest) High Life looks suitably bizarre enough if you’re the exact opposite of an Avengers movie, local director Gary Burns’ Man Running is making its Alberta premiere with the filmmaker in attendance (though by local we mean from the wretched little city of Calgary), and Dreamspeakers, a film festival on Aboriginal culture, art and heritage, kicks off this weekend as well.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for the call: