Opening this Weekend

Alita:  Battle Angel

Happy Death Day 2U

Isn’t It Romantic

What Walaa Wants

Box Office Predictions

  1. Alita: Battle Angel
  2. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
  3. Happy Death Day 2U
  4. Isn’t It Romantic
  5. What Men Want

What You Should See

We’ve got a really curious set of new movies for this Valentine’s Day/Family Day long weekend.  Almost as curious as the strange but linearly undeniable relationship between Valentine’s and families themselves in that you don’t usually want to fully connect the dots in your head between those two very different and yet interconnected thoughts.  Or maybe that entire last sentence just made very little sense when written out even though I thought I knew what I was talking about before I started typing this.


What makes this weekend most curious is that I would recommend going to see every one of this weekend’s new movies, I think I’ll probably wind up seeing all of them in fact, but I’m not going to scream at you about how much you need to see any one of them and I wouldn’t blame you if you never end up seeing any of them.  The Robert-Rodriguez-directed, James-Cameron-produced, years-in-development, adapted-from-an-original-Japanese-work Alita:  Battle Angel looks very solid in some ways, very unstable in others, but falls enough within the bounds of “neat-looking” that it’s something I’m sure I’ll see sooner rather than later, the horror-esque Happy Death Day 2U looks perfectly self-aware of its own self-silliness, and the romcom spoof, Isn’t It Romantic, has, luckily, gotten strong enough reviews that it shouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

And while all of those movies are inherently and/or unintentionally silly, What Walaa Wants, a documentary following a young woman’s pursuit of becoming one of the few women on the Palestinian Security Forces, might be just what you’re looking for if you’re feeling a bit more mature and want to actually to feel ways about stuff this long weekend.  It’s showing on Sunday at Metro Cinema with the fimmakers in attendance.