Opening this Weekend


A Star is Born


Salvador Dali:  The Quest for Immortality

The Culture High

Cuban Food Stories

The Love Witch

Box Office Predictions

  1. A Star is Born
  2. Venom
  3. Night School
  4. Smallfoot
  5. The House with a Clock in Its Walls

What You Should See

It’s Thanksgiving this weekend?  I hate the early harvest!  I hate Thanksgiving in October!  It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving!  This sucks and I’m not thankful!

That’s probably about as worked up as you’re going to see me get about anything in this week’s edition of ‘Predictions & Predilections’, because, after looking over the list of new releases, that’s by far the strongest emotion I had about anything going on this Thanksgiving long weekend.

And that’s not to say I feel bad about the weekend’s new movies, it’s just that the most I feel about anything opening this weekend is conflicted.  First off, the movie’s I’m not seeing (Naziing?) this weekend include Lizzie, Salvador Dali:  The Quest for Immortality (a documentary which, as of this writing, has no major online reviews that I could find), The Culture High, and Cuban Food Stories.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see them, it just means I probably never will.  Meanwhile, The Love Witch looks kind of neat.

Of the weekend’s biggest new movies, A Star is Born is my pick for movie you’re least likely to regret seeing.  It’s probably Oscar bound and I like that song like any human being should (though this version might be the more definitive version) and it’s hard not to get swept up in a huge swell of emotion from listening to it even without being able to place it in the context of having seen the movie.  It’s still hard for me to find time for it though.  But maybe that’s just the cold, cold heart of this blogger, unmoved and unfeeling in the stark emptiness of a rushed, sudden, and unfelt occasion of Thanksgiving forced on us in month too early.  Venom, on the other hand, is the real story for us here at GOO Reviews.  We’ve reviewed just about every superhero movie that’s released since we debuted the site, and that’s the kind of tradition we’d like to continue, but none of us actually want to see the movie.  None of us actually think we’ll enjoy it.  None of us actually even likes Venom, from the comics or this onscreen interpretation.  And yet we kind of have to see it.  Don’t we?  Or is that how they win?  Is that how movies like this keep getting made?  Is that how they stay in power?  Is that Is that how the how the man keeps us down?

Anyway, back to the more important things in life:

Oh, and EIFF is still going on.  It’s the last weekend for the biggest movie festival in Edmonton.  If you want to do or see something important at the movies, it should be one of those movies.